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Disinfectant dispenser MDS20



A self-sufficient, environment friendly system does what it is supposed to: disinfect!

Viruses, germs and bacteria are invisible sources of infections and diseases, in most cases they will be transferred due to direct or indirect contact from person to person.

High risks of infections and proliferation, especially where many people come together in amount of time.

We are not able to prevent the lockdown measures and travel bans to contain the risks of infections during epidemics and pandemics on our own. Everyone needs to contribute their part.

Our responsibility is to assist todays society and to make our normality easier.

Why MDS20?


Flexible, self-sufficient and low-maintenance.

Whether in the Outdoor areas or riot-proof at events. The MDS20 can disinfect your hands contactless.

A safe disinfection concept for high frequency areas (e.g. schools, airports, fairs, stadiums, hospitals and many more).

It is very easy to handle during transport, use and storage.

We ensure an environmentally friendly and closed cycle with our reusable system.


Dosage: 1.5ml per operation

Content of the stainless steel containers: 20, 30 or 50 liters

Made in Germany


Reusable cycle

Without plastic

Long-term cost reduction

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