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Some of our global references

m+f MICROMAT M 2/2 Hybrid Cerveza Domus, Toledo Spain

Machine:            MICROMAT M 2/2-Hybrid

Installed:             Directly after the E-Beer 2019 in Spain

It was a pleasure having Fernando Campoy as a reference during the show.




Factory Acceptance Test Paletizing Park & Bellheimer in Bottrop



If you have a chance, come for a FAT to Bottrop


m+f MICROMAT M 2/2-b Indie Alehouse Toronto Canada


Machine:            MICROMAT M 2/2-b

Installed:             Directly after the OCBC 2018

Thanks for sharing the machine during the OCBC 18 Show!





m+f MONOMAT Brouwerij Hoop Zaandijk-NL









Machine:            MONOMAT

Installed:             March 2017

Option:                CO2 pre presurisation


m+f 5 Star refurbished MICROMAT M 4/2  Whitewater N-IRE

Machine:            MICROMAT M 4/2

Installed:             June 2017

Option:                KEG Slide

m+f MICROMAT M 2/2b  Brouwerij de Leckere NL

Machine:            MICROMAT M 2/2b

Installed:             June 2017

Option:                Hot water Tank / Flow Meter / Mediastation / Product supply system

Installation of pipework by brouwerijsupport

Installation of CO2 buffertank by Eurocarbo

m+f MICROMAT A 4/2  von Trapp Brewing Vermont USA

Machine:            MICROMAT A 4/2

Installed:             2014

Remark from Walt Frame: We are very happy with the m+f KEG system. "It's our "workhorse"

m+f - Moravek KEG BLOCK at Otter Brewery, Devon UK


Machine:            KEG BLOCK MICROMAT M 2/2-b + BC30 In line Carbonator

Installed:             2014



Otter Brewery in Devon England has recently installed a Moravek BC30 Automatic inline Beer Carbonation System with an integral BF30 Sterile Beer Filtration Module to support production of their recently launched Tarka Pure Lager.

Otter Brewery Sales Director Patrick McCaig said we initially installed just an m+f Keg-Technik Micromat 2/2b Keg Washer/Keg Filling machine back in April 14 for the new product launch.

However we soon discovered that despite traditionally lagering the beer in tank we could not consistently achieve the required levels carbonation, hence the purchase of the Moravek BC Beer Carbonation system.

Since installation of the Moravek BC30/BF30 system in December 14 we have been delighted with the consistent product and carbonation quality we now achieve with our new Tarka Pure Lager.

Furthermore the Moravek BC system also gives Otter Brewery the capability to keg nitrogenated stouts as well as other new products.

For further information on how Moravek BC technology can enhance the quality of your keg and packaged beers please contact info@moravek.co.uk or call +44 (0)1427 890098.

Others UK breweries which use Moravek BC Beer Carbonation technology as part of their kegging process are; Bath Ales, St Austell Brewery, Wrexham Lager, Cropton Brewery, Bradfield Brewery, Black Isle Brewery and Cairngorm Brewery.

April 2015

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